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Help Feed Our Artists!

Keeping our sculptors fed fuels their creativity and strength. Scroll down for details on how to donate, or sign up to bring a meal.

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Sign up to bring a home cooked meal, pickup takeout, or donate to support meals not sponsored.

It takes a lot of planning to supply meals every day for our 4 sculptors and our assistant. You can help us to accomplish this goal in a few ways. You can donate above so we may purchase meals for dates not covered. Or, to prepare or get takeout and eat with our Sculptors, sign up here to supply a meal for 5 on a specific date: (case sensitive). Whether you choose to prepare a home-cooked meal or come with takeout, supplying a meal gives you a special back-door pass to spend valuable time with our artists. Sharing a meal is a meaningful way to exchange cultural experience and get to know each other, as well as keep our artists fed.

Thank you for helping us feed our sculptors, without your support we could not continue to do what we love.